Music is an art which almost every human being is introduced to from his early childhood days. When a mother sings a lullaby to her newborn child, it is nothing but the music which soothes the child and calms him or her so that he or she can sleep peacefully. As the age of the baby grows, the music grows along with the baby. From lullabies to nursery rhymes and poetry to rock songs, music accompanies the child till he or she reaches adulthood. Every major event in a man’s life is accompanied by the music, be it the Wedding or a funeral. It will not be wrong to say that the music is one art which is always with us from our birth to death.


Music can be peaceful, exhilarating, sad, pleasant, exciting or even frightening. We can express or our emotions and feelings through music and nothing else can be so powerful a medium for our emotions. Words do help us to communicate what we are feeling, but themusic makes it possible for us to communicate without any words. Therefore, many people prefer instrumental music over vocal as instrumental music is considered as the purest form of music. Music is not limited to the elite class or the class which understands the technical details of music. You need not understand and learn music to feel it and love it.

Nowadays Music is also being used as an alternative therapy for many mental as well as physical ailments.Let’s see how music therapy helps in controlling or treating some physical and mental ailments.

How can music therapy be used for treating ailments?

  • As music is the part of our lives since we are born, almost everyone feels better after listening to music. No one considers music as a threat and therefore it works as a non-invasive therapy for many ailments related to human mind.
  • Music consists of various rhythms and beats and thehuman brain responds positively to it.Therefore, it is used for people who are prone to anxiety attacks or depression so that they will feel relaxed and positive after listening to music.guitar-775271_1280
  • Music therapy is very useful for kids who suffer from autism and have difficulties to concentrate. Music helps them to control their wandering minds and pay attention to a subject for aprescribed time limit.
  • Music therapy is also used for people who have suffered a stroke, to start communication through speech again. The reason behind this is that the neural circuits which we use while speaking and listening to someone speak are the same which are used while listening to music. So music can help to reactivate these circuits so that people can start talking again.

Music makes us feel and also makes it possible for us to control extreme emotions. In a way, music can trigger some feelings and it also helps us control some feelings. In every way, music is an integral part of human life and no human can be complete without some form of music in his life.